You received a message, Commander


Holo-me is an extraordinary tool. I never saw something so complex and deep, especially for a space-sim! Can we use Holo-me for something else than just selfie? F* yes!

We need a Council Room, or Conference Room for our ship. Another internal module, like the cabin for passengers, with different sizes (more people in the same room, basically). A room with seats, a table and you and your comrades. Could be your friends, your wing, your faction… Anyone like the multicrew can offer. Same options too, with the sweetcam but in another room.

Could be perfect for your meetings, to meet a new member, to plan your next assault… A real social room, anywhere in space.

But we can go further, with a dialog with a NPC for a specific mission, or just talking with a VIP passenger to develop his background… We don’t have to wait for the space walker, we can just have the same transition than for the SRV. Just a new room, with Holo-me.

I assume it’s not so hard to do, and just an advice for FD : you can offer different style of Conference Room in the shop ! Perfect to show your allegiance.


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